Let us design your dream wedding cake with your budget in mind.  At Ultimate Fake Cakes we
provide pre-made wedding and specialty cakes to fit all of your needs.   

A fake cake is a cake made of styrofoam and decorated with either Perma Icing or Fondant
frosting.   We offer a variety of styles to choose from and will also design custom orders.

Foam cakes can often cut your cake budget in half.  For example, consider a wedding reception
for 150 people: 150 people x $3.50 per slice of decorated bakery cake  = $525.  A decorated
fake cake of the same size starts as low as $110 and remains a beautiful centerpiece
throughout the entire evening.  Sheet cakes start as low as 16.99/48 servings.   When ordering
a foam cake, you serve sheet cakes to your guests, resulting in a significant savings to your
cake budget.  

Fake cake 110.00 +  sheet cakes 50.97 = total 160.97.  Total savings 364.03.

Silk, real, or fondant flowers can be used on all foam cakes.

Browse through our site and choose one of our designs or create your own.  Send us a picture
of the cake you would like us to custom make and we will contact you with an approximate cost.

Please keep in mind that we will need additional time for any custom orders.  Place your cake
order at least 12 weeks prior to the event.

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Ultimate Fake Cakes
Dan Uggla, Atlanta Braves,
and Janette Uggla's wedding
cake - December 7, 2013.
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Ultimate Fake Cakes.
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